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Monday, February 24

09:30 CET

Developer Workshop #1: Building Android for the Cloud
In the cloud era, most software projects have shifted from asking "What hardware architecture should be chosen for my backend?" to "Which cloud configuration should be used for my backend?" Bringing up a cloud server has become an obvious choice for any Linux- or Windows-based deployment. As Android emerges as the new Embedded Linux for a growing number of industries, it only makes sense to consider its cloud application as a server. This session will discuss why and how Android can be brought on the cloud system, and on any cloud infrastructure, using AWS (Amazon Web Services) as an example.

avatar for Ron Munitz

Ron Munitz

CTO and Co-founder, Nubo
Ron is an Entrepreneur and a software development consultant, with long history developing performance and safety critical software and leading embedded software development groups. He specializes in all aspects of distributed systems and Android internals, and considers himself to... Read More →

Monday February 24, 2014 09:30 - 10:30 CET
Room 5 - Level 3

09:30 CET

Developer Workshop #2: How to use the Core Data Framework in iOS

How to create a simple to-do list App in iOS using Core Data, a powerful (but intimidating) framework from Apple. You’ll see how to take advantage of Core Data’s deep integration with Cocoa to:

  • create the Core Data Stack the simple and reusable way
  • design your Model using Xcode
  • let Core Data give all needed data to UITableView
  • navigate your object graph, maintaining your relationships and doing cascade deleting
  • update your database seamlessly between different versions of your app
  • turn on Core Data logging, to see what’s happening under the hood, explore generated data
  • create simple Unit Tests using in-memory databases for ultra-fast no-headache testing


avatar for Diego Freniche

Diego Freniche

Mobile developer after quitting his former job as a data center guy. With some experience in now defunct webOS, iOS, Android and BB10. Loves computers and programming, basically everything that smells like hot silicon. Teaching fellow developers in several technologies / languages... Read More →

Monday February 24, 2014 09:30 - 10:30 CET
Room 3 - Level 2

13:45 CET

Developer Workshop #3: Get started in minutes with app development for Lumia
Accelerate your start on development hackathons for Windows Phone 8! In this practical session you will see live demonstrations and get code snippets of what makes apps exciting for users: integration with device capabilities in imaging, camera, maps, voice and bluetooth.

avatar for Michael Samarin

Michael Samarin

Michael Samarin is a speaker, teacher, developer and team leader with many years of experience in various technologies ranging from mobile platforms and interactive media installations to forensic investigations and security systems. He is currently leading developer-engaging activities... Read More →

Monday February 24, 2014 13:45 - 14:35 CET
Room 3 - Level 2

14:35 CET

Developer Workshop #4: Working With Glass
Wearables are slowly conquering the world. Google Glass is at the frontier of this battle. Let’s have a look at this futuristic device and try to tame it to make it work the way you want it! We’ll investigate the GDK side of Glass development and have a look at some example apps.

Monday February 24, 2014 14:35 - 15:25 CET
Room 3 - Level 2

15:25 CET

Developer Workshop #5: Enhancing the mobile user experience through good tactile design

In an ocean of apps, how do you differentiate yours? Cool graphics and sounds are now commonplace and no longer leave the same impression on mobile users. With touch-screens as the UI of choice in mobile devices, tactile feedback is still one of the most overlooked yet valuable aspects of the mobile experience, especially in games. This session will discuss the value of touch design in mobile projects as well as core design principles to follow when implementing mobile tactile effects. Both gaming and non-gaming examples will be provided with hands-on tactile demonstrations for the audience to experience.

Attendees will learn that tactile feedback is a communication channel to be used to improve user experiences. Attendees will see how design and implementation of tactile feedback is easier than they may think.


Bob Heubel

Haptic Technology Evangelist, Immersion
Bob is a Haptic Technology Evangelist with Immersion, specializing in helping developers implement what is known as force-feedback, tactile-feedback or rumble-feedback effects. Bob holds a number of patents in the field of Haptics and has spent more than 14 years working with developers... Read More →

Monday February 24, 2014 15:25 - 16:15 CET
Room 3 - Level 2

16:15 CET

Developer Workshop #6: The Importance of Testing
Thanks to the GDG  Barcelona for organizing this session.

avatar for Philipp Benkler

Philipp Benkler

Founder and CEO, Testbirds
Philipp Benkler is founder and CEO of the Testbirds GmbH. Before starting up his own crowdtesting company, Philipp had extensive experience in enterprise environments and as a freelance software developer. Since graduating with an honours Master of Science degree at the University... Read More →
avatar for Fernando Cejas

Fernando Cejas

Organizer, GDG Barcelona
Software engineer. Geek. GDG Barcelona Organizer. Agile methodologies, programming and technology fan. Passionate mobile application developer. Currently working in Tuenti as Android Developer. He has been involved in android app development since 2010. Before Tuenti worked on NFC... Read More →
avatar for Steven Willmott

Steven Willmott

CEO, 3scale
Steven is the CEO of 3scale. The company is one of the worlds leading providers of API Infrastructure - powering over 350 APIs - many of which support large numbers of mobile Apps.

Monday February 24, 2014 16:15 - 17:10 CET
Room 3 - Level 2

17:10 CET

Developer Workshop #7: Data persistence in Android
Come and see how and where to store precious data in your applications. I'll explain what is available in core Android (Preferences, SQLite) and how that can be improved with 3rd party libraries like GSON and ORMLite. I'll also show you how that can be used in applications with a few simple examples.

avatar for Krzystof Kucharewicz

Krzystof Kucharewicz

I'm a Polish software developer with a hard to pronounce name (but you can call me Kris). I've been involved in mobile applications since 2006, yet before Steve Jobs defined what "smart" in the "smartphone" means. I'm currently developing for Android and iOS. I live in a Barcelona... Read More →

Monday February 24, 2014 17:10 - 17:50 CET
Room 3 - Level 2
Tuesday, February 25

13:00 CET

Developer Workshop #8: Internet of Pi: How the Raspberry Pi is enabling the Internet of Things

Chris Anderson’s book “Makers: The new industrial revolution” predicts that a new generation of inventors will start creating innovative new products, and this will be possible thanks to low cost and open hardware products like the Raspberry Pi.

Rob will talk about how the Raspberry Pi is now enabling this revolution, what amazing products are being created and why now is the time for you to start creating mobile enabled solutions with the Raspberry Pi.

avatar for Rob Bishop

Rob Bishop

Rob previously acted as an Engineer and Evangelist for the Raspberry Pi Foundation after becoming their first engineering employee in 2012 and is currently taking some time out to complete his Masters. One of his primary engineering responsibilities at Raspberry Pi was leading the... Read More →

Tuesday February 25, 2014 13:00 - 14:00 CET
Room 3 - Level 2

14:00 CET

Developer Workshop #9: Augmented Reality for Mass Media

Roundtable with some of the important companies in Augmented Reality applications for Mass Media like Publishing and Marketing campaigns. We will talk about how AR impacts in our everyday living, how it allows people to increase their motivation for mobile communication using mobiles or wearable devices like smart glasses. We will also include the point of view of research projects into human-computer-interaction from two of the most expertise laboratories in this field (Lab-human and La Sale R&D).

avatar for Andy Gstoll

Andy Gstoll

CMO, Wikitude
Born and raised in Germany, Andy quickly realised his passion for an international lifestyle, which resulted in early choices to live abroad - in the USA (7 years) and Asia (5 years). Andy’s other passion constantly driving his career is a synergy of building early stage companies... Read More →
avatar for David Marimon

David Marimon

David Marimon is the fearless leader of Catchoom, a new world order cloud-based image recognition technology that brings you the tools you need to create digital experiences for the real world. Catchoom is focused on dissolving the barriers between physical objects and the digital... Read More →
avatar for Isidro Navarro

Isidro Navarro

Augmented Reality Barcelona
Isidro Navarro is an architect and researcher with 7 years of experience in the development of innovation in the field of technology applied to teaching and architectural rendering. As a professor at the School of Architecture of Barcelona ETSAB -UPC develops his research as a member... Read More →
avatar for Francesc Alías Pujol

Francesc Alías Pujol

Director, Human-Computer Interaction R&D Area, La Salle R&D
Francesc is currently the Director of the Human-Computer Interaction R&D area at La Salle R&D and lecturer at the Department of Engineering of La Salle (Ramon Llull University). He is also senior researcher associated to the Research Group on Media Technologies... Read More →
avatar for Esteban Anguita Ruiz

Esteban Anguita Ruiz

Innovation Manager, LabHuman
Esteban Anguita is the LabHuman Innovation Manager. He has spent his entire professional career in the corporate world where he has held positions such as Marketing Manager/Director and CEO. His task is to transform the Institute's research on products and solutions that can be used... Read More →

Tuesday February 25, 2014 14:00 - 15:15 CET
Room 3 - Level 2
Wednesday, February 26

09:30 CET

Developer Workshop #10: Stop Spending Money on App Installs
With the average price of a paid install rising above $1.80, paid install programs are just not cutting it for most app publishers. This 45 minute session will take you 3 distinct strategies for finding more cost effective methods of acquiring app customers and most importantly, keeping them. Organic app store optimization plus deeper engagement and retention strategies are crucial to changing the financial equations of the mobile app business to a sustainable place for independent and mid-sized app publishers.

avatar for Henrik Lewander

Henrik Lewander

CTO, Co-founder, Appland
Henrik spent more than 10 years developing and managing project for Ericsson, Volvo and other companies notably the Volvo Dynamic Steering (the product in the Volvo Van Damme commercial). He then went on to design the global Appland App Store Cloud Platform and building a company... Read More →
avatar for Jake Orrin

Jake Orrin

VP of Business Development, Quixey
Jake is the VP of Business Development at Quixey, The Search Engine for Apps. He previously worked as a Director of Business Development at Your Logo Here, a branding solutions provider for companies such as Google and Slide. On the side, he mentors young entrepreneurs and sits on... Read More →

Wednesday February 26, 2014 09:30 - 10:30 CET
Room 6 - Level 3

09:30 CET

Developer Workshop #11: Graphical Magic
The android.graphics APIs contain some useful tools which enable us to perform some tricks more commonly associated with Photoshop or Gimp. It is not always possible to use such tools, particularly when images are being loaded dynamically from external sources. Mark Allison, author of http://blog.styling android.com, explores these APIs and shows you get some amazing results by dynamically altering images in your app.

avatar for Mark Allison

Mark Allison

Mark Allison is a software engineer with almost 25 years' experience. He is passionate about providing the user with the best possible experience. He has developed both server and client side, most commonly Android on the client side, but with also for iOS, HTML5, Symbian, and J2ME.Mark... Read More →

Wednesday February 26, 2014 09:30 - 10:30 CET
Room 5 - Level 3

09:30 CET

Developer Workshop #12: What's New is iOS 7?

iOS 7 is so much more than an user interface redesign. It introduced over 1500 new APIs providing developers new opportunities in all aspects of their apps. NSBarcelona co-organizers Jordi and Hermes will cover the most interesting additions to UI and connectivity, from APIs that you can start using right away to whole new frameworks that can produce apps that weren't possible before.

Thanks to the NS Barcelona for organizing this workshop!

avatar for Jordi Gimenez

Jordi Gimenez

CTO, MobileJazz
Jordi is the CTO at Mobile Jazz and has the overall responsibility for the technology used in products and projects. Jordi is specialized on building high-availability backend systems and databases that scale to serve millions of users to the satisfaction of our clients. He's also... Read More →
avatar for Hermes Pique

Hermes Pique

Founder, Robot Media
Hermes Pique is the founder of children's publishing startup Robot Media. He is also an iOS, OS X and Android developer and frequent StackOverflow and Github contributor (@hpique). A software engineer with 15 years of experience, Hermes has developed popular libraries such as RMStore... Read More →

Wednesday February 26, 2014 09:30 - 10:30 CET
Room 3 - Level 2

10:30 CET

Developer Workshop #14: From Data To Delivery: How To Integrate UX Design And Evaluation Into App Development
Change is painful. Yet, the people who make digital products deal with change as both a force to resist and one to embrace because a products improvement is subject to it. Review, debate, testing and iteration are what push products forward. Wouldn’t it be great if there was one environment where you could do it all? Join us for a demo workshop and an announcement about a new way to test your mobile apps in the wild.

Wednesday February 26, 2014 10:30 - 11:30 CET
Room 3 - Level 2

10:30 CET

Developer Workshop #13: A Day in the Life of a CyanogenMod Developer

Instructions for getting your computer setup for the workshop are here https://github.com/BuzzBumbleBee/WipJamWorkshop

This exclusive workshop is an interactive CyanogenMod session for developers. Learn about the features and framework of CyanogenMod as well as understanding how the end to end development process works. This is not just an overview but you get hands on with the CyanogenMod code to make changes and build a new custom ROM so that you can become part of the CyanogenMod community.

The workshop will cover:

  • Bringing up your device for CyanogenMod
  • An overview of the features and framework of CyanogenMod
  • Coding a changeset feature for CyanogenMod
  • Uploading your code change to a gerrit instance
  • Compiling your code changes to generate a CyanogenMod ROM

avatar for Abhisek Devkota

Abhisek Devkota

Community Manager, Cyanogen Inc.
Abhisek Devkota is the Community Manager and project manager for Cyanogen Inc., a new company formed by the cofounders of the largest aftermarket Operating System for Android devices CyanogenMod.Abhisek is a veteran of the consulting industry surrounding Washington, DC. Before joining... Read More →
avatar for Shane Francis

Shane Francis

Shane Francis is a device maintainer and member of the CyanogenMod community who has worked on devices such as the Asus Transformer, Advent Vega and HTC Sensation – starting with the Advent Vega in 2010 while he was at University studying his computer science BSc. Throughout his... Read More →

Wednesday February 26, 2014 10:30 - 12:30 CET
Room 6 - Level 3

11:30 CET

Developer Workshop #15: What's Next For The Connected Car

What is going on in the connected car space? Cars are quickly moving beyond DVDs playing in the back seat and GPS in the dashboard. In fact, most car makers have a list of innovations they are looking to integrate into their next models – from sensors that communicate with streetlights to in-car infotainment services. The Autotech Council works with 15 OEMs offices in the Silicon Valley and will share with you their current innovation priorities as well as the tools and programs they have for interacting with developers.

Thanks to the Autotech Council for organizing this session.

avatar for Liz Kerton

Liz Kerton

Director, Telecom Council of Silicon Valley/Autotech Council
Liz Kerton, a technology and telecom marketing expert with a 20-year entrepreneurial history from retail and wholesale to online and manufacturing, was voted one of the Silicon Valley's most influential women by the San Jose Business Journal. Through the Telecom Council of Silicon... Read More →

Wednesday February 26, 2014 11:30 - 12:30 CET
Room 3 - Level 2